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In the Yachtmania club you will find new friends, support, love, kindness and understanding.

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About Us

We are ‘YACHTMANIA’ club
We have an obsession for yachts.
Not only yachts, but sailing yachts.
And not only sailing yachts, but sailing.
And not only sailing as a sport, but sailing as a feeling, love and freedom.
Sailing is a symbol of the sea, the sun, the wind, the silence, the infinity, the breadth, the space,…the FREEDOM!
Through sailing we breathe.
This is an obsession.
And the obsession is a diagnosis.

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‘YACHTMANIA’ club has a mission and it is:

  • to develop and nurture love of the sea and the infinity of its horizon;
  • to find and gather fellow maniacs, diagnosed with ‘YAHTMANIA’, and to treat them with voyages, tours, cruises, regattas;
  • to unite the efforts of its members in order to support innovative, adventurous and brave sea initiatives;
  • to spread the ‘YAHTMANIA’ phenomenon in order to attract the curious and the brave, to train and have profound respect for element, respect for nature, responsibility to man and love for the sea.

We will continue to develop the mission of the ‘YACHTMANIA’ club over the years with you and with all future club members.



GFN have been our partners for more than 10 years. The members of the Yachtmania club have a discount when purchasing their products.


Yachtmania are outstanding representatives of Planofil for Bulgaria. They offer high quality materials, produced in Switzerland.


The places we visited

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for the first yacht maniacs, who will sail with us

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Yacht Maniacs

Plamen Minkov

Owner and skipper of ‘CONDOR’ - DUFOUR GIB SEA - 51

I am a sailing maniac. But not because I have a sailing yacht. I had been such a maniac long before I bought a yacht. How did I find out? This is a relevant question.

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Skipper and chef of ‘Condor’ – DUFOUR GIB SEA – 51

Why I am a little crazy about sailing? Some nice moments remain in our life, we don’t have a moment's peace, everything is done in the fast lane.

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Assistant skipper of ‘Condor’ – DUFOUR GIB SEA – 51

The sea is a symbol! The sea is a memory! The sea is an ending! The sea is life! Once if you allow it to enter into your heart, it will stay there forever.

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Mainsheet Trimmer of ‘Condor’ – DUFOUR GIB SEA – 51

My love for the sea flows through my veins and before you think ‘How trivial’, I will hurry to tell you how my innate love for the sea and yachts turned into yacht mania.

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Owner of catamaran ‘HOBIE CAT’ and assistant skipper of ‘Condor’ – DUFOUR GIB SEA – 51

The sea makes me dream.

The wind makes me happy.

The sun fills me with energy.

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Owner and skipper of ‘Castor’ – Sports Peterson

The sea has always attracted me. When you’re under the sails and grab the wind, you know that you could go further – the sea power is infinite.

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