In the ‘YACHTMANIA’ club you can find if sailing is your obsession or not.

  • If you turn out to be a yacht maniac, you can become a proud member of the ‘YAHTMANIA’ club and one day you may buy a sailing yacht.
  • If you already know that you are a yacht maniac and have your own yacht, you can become a proud member of the ‘YAHTMANIA’ club and participate in the maniac initiatives of the club, and some of them may be driven by your idea.

We will meet, talk, exchange experience and thoughts about the future, we will come up with new ideas on what we can do with our ‘small fleet’ to have fun or to attract new followers or to cash our initiatives.
Mutual support, love, kindness and understanding are mandatory requirements for achieving inner harmony in the relations between club members.
We are not just a charter company, but you can hire our yachts.

There are sedatives for the yacht obsession –

  • buying special marine branded clothes, shoes, bags…
  • choosing the bottle with a boat on its label from all the bottles on the shelf, or
  • sleeping only in sheets with sea and yacht motives.

But the only cure for the yacht obsession is sailing with a yacht.
When you sail alone or with friends, you can feel the power and all the charging energy of the elements around you and inside you, your energy merges with theirs, and when it is necessary to return to the shore again, the result of the ‘treatment’ includes soul cleansing, filling with love, power, admiration and modesty, willingness to accept philosophically the daily hardships and problems, because the memory of beautiful experiences and the dream about the next voyage stays in your mind.

Welcome aboard!

If you are interested, we can tell you more.
We will tell you more about the rules of the club.
And you will tell us about the way you imagine yourself in our club.
Phone: +359 878 64 6666