My Story

When I am drifting on the waves and the wind blows in the sails, it seems like all problems caused by the dynamic life in the big city disappear at once.

When I was a little boy, standing on the beach, staring at the horizon, I watched in awe the passing fishing boats, each taken in an unknown direction and the big ships slinking out far away at the vast sea. Yachts with colorful sails competed headlong with the wind and the fishing ships returning back to the port were accompanied by a flock of gulls. I imagined how I’m out there at the sea behind the wheel of a boat.

Димитър Георгиев

Like any dream, time has to pass, you need to have great faith in it and the dream will inevitably come true! I remember my first voyages with a homemade catamaran that we used to sail with near the bay of Chernomorets. Although it was too slow, it was proudly swaying on the waves with its red sails. The next summer I already had a better catamaran and we sailed the distance from Sunny Beach to ‘Garden’ Camping and vice versa. I felt the wind in the sails. I liked the feeling of looking around – blue water that surrounds you, shimmering sun rays on the waves, and somewhere in the distance you can see the coast. You move with the wind, enjoy the peace and the silence …!

It’s great when you’re at sea!

After a certain period of time, I was fortunate enough to get on a bigger sailing yacht to travel around new places. To sail at different seas, discovering new bays and islands. Sailing along the course of famous sailors, driven perhaps by the same wind, the same zeal for new seas and oceans.

When I think about all this my heart trembles, feeling the wind in my hair, my eyes looking for the sea, hearing the splashing waves. This is perhaps the magic that attracts me constantly to the sea.

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