Perfect protection for your boat

Through its special PU coating, Planofil provides the perfect protection for your boat. The material is surprisingly light, highly waterproof, very robust and is ultraviolet (UV) resistant. Being translucent, Planofil also reduces the condensate formation.

Surprisingly easy to handle

Planofil is surprisingly light, compared to the conventional materials . Your boat can be uncovered and re-covered again for a very short period of time. The small boat cover (as shown on this picture of a 28-foot sport boat) can be easily stowed anywhere. This saves time and effort.

Planofil’s advantages:

  • Surprisingly light: only 180 g / m2 (5,31 oz / yd2);
  • Incredibly resistant;
  • Highly waterproof;
  • Optimum UV protection against weathering;
  • Easy to handle;
  • Dirt repellent;
  • Seawater resistant;
  • Excellent sun-protection factor (40+).

High longevity

The extremely robust fabric structure gives Planofil excellent tear resistance, even after years of use in all weather conditions. Planofil is dirt-repellent, seawater resistant and does not become brittle in time, even when it is continuously exposed to sunlight.

A material very easy to work with

Professionals highly appreciate Planofil – especially those who work with it daily. Planofil is extremely flexible and easy to handle. The polyester fabric is used in a wide range of applications, e.g. sun protection or cover for garden furniture or lounge chairs. Thanks to the ecological PU coating, it does not cover with dirt from smoke, soot or vapor.

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