Gulf of Varna

The Gulf of Varna is located between cape St. Constantine and cape Ilandzik. It is the second largest gulf in Bulgaria and, as its name suggests, is located near the city of Varna. You can easily sail to the middle of the gulf and jump and dive freely. One of the best qualities of the Black Sea is the low level of salt in the water because you can dive even without a mask or swim goggles. If you get to the sea bed, you’ll see many small fishes that you might try to catch, but to do so you must be extremely fast and agile.


Balchik is a small coastal town in northern Bulgaria, with beautiful scenery and rich history. The resort of Albena and its beach is located near Balchik, which you can visit if you are sociable enough and want to meet people from different countries. If you are looking for a more relaxed experience, you can always explore and find a small beach with seashells, where you could indulge in relaxation. There are numerous rocks in the area that reach a height of 7-8 metres. They are perfect for all madcaps who want a little more extreme experience. There is a huge amount of fish and crabs around these same rocks that you can try to catch and cook an authentic dinner.


Cape Kaliakra is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Bulgaria. It is located on the northern Black Sea Coast and up to two kilometres offshore. Many people think that Kaliakra is a peninsula just because of its length and size. Apart from the dolphins, which can be observed in other places, here you can notice the European Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis), which is very rare. The cape is a natural and an archeological reserve and its beauty is really impressive. You can see the cape in the water as well as the amazing rock formations that surround it and many small caves that have been carved for thousands of years.


Sozopol is one of the most famous resorts on the southern Black Sea Coast, and in Bulgaria as a whole. It combines the history and the modern world in a wonderful way. In our opinion, the best way to really enjoy Sozopol is when you are in the sea. Thus you will avoid the crowds and will have quick access to all the beaches, bays and cliffs for jumping in the area. Cliffs, like the famous ‘Germanka’, which are 10-12 metres high and are a challenge for every extreme adventurer. Apart from the things already mentioned, there is a small island close to Sozopol named St. Ivan, which also hides its pleasant surprises.


Tsarevo is a small town in one of the southernmost points of Bulgaria. If you are looking for calmness and want to escape from the crowds and the busy resorts then this is your place. You will find many fabulous places in the area around Tsarevo, where you may not meet people all day. You will feel as if you have your own part of the sea, which is reserved only for you and your friends. Due to the geographical location of this destination, it is almost unlikely for the weather to be unsuitable for going to the beach or for a swim. If Tsarevo is your chosen destination, prepare yourself for plenty of sun, relaxation and pleasant emotions.

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