The island is located in the central Dalmatian archipelago, which bears the same name – Kornati. The whole archipelago is a national park, which consists of 147 islands, which are located close to each other. There you will feel like you are on a real adventure, because the water between the islands looks like a huge maze. You will be able to find numerous bays and beaches, which may be seen by people for the first time, and to conquer them for yourself. There are no permanent residents on the islands and thus nature has been preserved intact. This makes the island ideal for anyone, who wants to escape the noise and the civilization. If you are lucky enough, you will enjoy a real show of many dolphins that will sail along with you around the yacht.


The island has a breathtaking scenery, numerous beaches and stunning bays. But that’s not all you can find there. Solta boasts of its rich and exciting history. You will see many fortresses, towers, even a small castle, which were built to protect the island from pirates and robbers. The total number of excavations exceeds 200, and 33 of them are considered to be prehistoric.


Brac is the highest and the longest island in central Dalmatia. There is the world famous Zlatni Rat beach, which is visited by thousands of people every year. It is famous for its size and extremely fine sand. An interesting fact is that the water level varies substantially – it is deep during the day and is shallow during the night. The island is famous for its rare olive trees that grow only there from 1655 onwards.


Best destination for people from all over the world. Wild nightlife with bars, often referred to as the wildest in the Adriatic. The nature that the most talented artists cannot recreate, and breathtaking beaches and scenery. The fact that the sun is shining 2718 hours a year, makes it the sunniest island in Croatia. One of the oldest towns in the history of the country is located on the island – Stari Grad (which means ‘old town’). It seems that the island of Hvar really has everything you might need to make your visit memorable.


Vis is the most distant inhabited island from the mainland. It is hidden behind the islands of Hvar and Brac, which means that there is a small amount of people, who visit the island. It is interesting that this island was closed for visitors until 1989, as the headquarters of the army of the Yugoslav Partisans were there. This prevents the island from the intervention of people and its industrialization to a large extent. The nature has been preserved intact by people for a long period of time. The beaches on the island are mostly rocky, but there are also some sandy beaches as well. The main cities on the island are 3 – Vis, Kut and Komiza, and each one of them has something interesting to show you.


Another small island, where you could hide from the noise and the crowds. If you like serenity, so this is the right place for you. With an area of ​​46 square kilometres and a population of 835 people, you can be sure that there will be nothing to bother you. There is a surprisingly large number of churches ashore that you can visit. There are also many beautiful beaches, on which you could relax undisturbed by the modern world.


One of the most interesting things that you can enjoy on the island is the house of Marco Polo. Yes, you got that right. One of the greatest travellers and one of the first Europeans who followed the Silk Road through the Middle East and all the way to China, was born precisely on the island of Korcula. His house is located in the old part of the town, which is surrounded by fortress walls to this day. All the buildings inside are densely built. Some of the houses are so close that the neighbours have to wait each other to come out of the front door.

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