HOBIE CAT 18 is the most flexible model ever built by the catamaran family concerning the sailing feeling and experience. It is designed not to be only fast, but also robust. Hobie Cat 18 can be operated by a crew of two people, but can easily carry four passengers when sailing, and experienced skippers can sail solo. It is designed for people with any taste for sailing.

For the adventurers and those who are passionate about speed, HOBIE CAT 18 may be adapted for competitive sailing. Thanks to the staysail (front sail), whose mechanism is by using a roller furling, it can acquire the qualities of the more extreme and competitive model Hobie Cat 14, as the area of ​​the staysail is adjusted by the roller furling ( ‘roller furling’ is a mechanism that rolls the sail around the shroud on which it is stretched). The double trapeze system is also a part of the standard equipment of HOBIE CAT 18. An extra sail called spinnaker could also be added for more thrills and speed. It is mostly used for fair wind.

If you are not racing enthusiasts and don’t like extreme sailing so much, do not despair, because HOBIE CAT 18 is perfect for quiet and calm daily family cruise. Thanks to its stable structure this catamaran can be much less active than the smaller models, being perfect for family cruises.

The catamaran is extremely robust and stable in different weather conditions. It could be said that this catamaran is one level higher than the other models, but in strong wind it can be quite drenching, because of the trampoline which is very close to the water. It is designed to bear so much wind that you feel comfortable to sail safely. The long arcs of the catamaran and the centreboards make it much more difficult to overturn, compared with the smaller models and facilitate its smooth movement in water.

All the characteristics listed above are the reason that HOBIE CAT 18 is perfect and safe to sail even if you are less experienced sailing maniacs.

Yacht type: Catamaran
Manufacturer: HOBIE
Model: HOBIE CAT 18
Year: 1998
Length: 5.48 m

Speed: 15 kn
Yacht skipper: 1
Number of crew: 1
Guests: 3
Cabins: 0

List of equipment

Yacht amenities

  • double trapeze
  • roller furling



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