Skopelos is an island, located in the western Aegean Sea and is part of the so-called Sporades. This is one of the most famous islands in this region and it is not by accident. The island is relatively large and has many fabulous beaches that look like they were taken from our fantasies. The water is crystal clear and if you have a mask or swim goggles, you will be able to see the colourful seabed, which is covered with interesting corals, fishes and whatnots. The chance to get bored is equal to zero, as you can change the destination and discover the next heavenly place to relax for a few minutes.


Alonissos is the third island of the northern Sporades. If you can’t get enough of the incredible nature and the many beautiful bays, you are welcome here. You will meet the same magical idyll as with the rest of the Sporades. You can find new places to explore and conquer. We recommend you to visit the other small islands that are close to Alonissos, as each of them is specific and has something unique, which makes it a desirable destination.


We are moving south and reach the island of Skyros, which is the southernmost and largest island of the Sporades. The island has a rich history related to the Trojan war, Achilles, who was hidden from his father in Skyros. You will also find many beaches here, clean water and plenty of interesting places where you can have a good time. The island is famous for Mount Olympus and a castle dating back to the 13th century. Another interesting fact is that nowadays the naval and air forces of Greece are located on the island.


Lesbos is the third largest island in Greece and the eighth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea as a whole. It is located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea and is close to Asia Minor. The average annual temperature is about 18 degrees, and the summer is very long and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the island even in September. The nature is very diverse and the beaches range from sandy to rocky. You can also find and explore many small water caves if you are brave enough.


Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Islands and is close to the Albanian town of Saranda. There is a strait between Saranda and the island, which is 3 to 23 kilometers wide. One of the most interesting facts related to this island is that it is surrounded by three different seas. It is bordered to the west by the Ionian Sea, to the north by the Adriatic Sea and to the south by the Mediterranean. This fact affects the climate of Corfu and makes it unique. Many people say they feel the sea difference on ​​various beaches, although they are so close to each other.


The smallest of the Ionian Islands, but the biggest of the islands in the area. Paxos has a very interesting history, as it is believed that Poseidon himself created the island striking and separating it from the Corfu island, so that he and his wife would have a resting place. This could only show that you will have a tranquil and a relaxing adventure there. You will feel as if the world has stopped especially for you and your holiday. We recommend you to visit a smaller island nearby – Antipaxos, which is famous for its wine and its sandy shores.

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